Monday, March 9, 2009

Good on yeh.

It's a good day. Design ideas are coming to me, I've read some good blogs, and I plan to revamp my blog's appearance very soon. Yeah. You'd think a designer would use something they designed rather than a template. Like I said, it will be updated soon.
I'm quite pleased with my work. A client chose a poster I designed out of 20(or more) others. We do these projects quite often in my class. A client comes in, tells us what they want, we make it, they choose it. And this is the first time I've been chosen. It was quite a surprise.
I think I'm easily inspired. I've always said I was easily inspired but poorly motivated. I could be sititng here stumbling on all these great sites and thinking, What a great idea, I want to do it too.. But then something on the TV catches my eye or my stomach growls and the inspiration weens off into the abyss.
Designers have short attention spans. True story.
If you're a designer and you don't, good on yeh mate.

What a good day. I think I'll go design something.

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