Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Broaden my knowledge.

I've come to realize that web design (especially with Dreamweaver) requires constant practice. Even though I've been working on a site for client almost every day now, I still find myself forgetting how to do things you'd think I know by now. I wish it was easier but at the same time I don't because it makes our work as designers that much more valuable. I suppose no matter how much people learn the technical side of something, if they don't have the design bit down pat, they may as well be a code monkey. I really appreciate learning new things when it comes to design. I want to be good. Really good. And practice makes good.

I've finished the website I've been working on to the point where it's ready for browsers. I uploaded it this afternoon. After a little bit of strife and technical difficulties, it's now online. Liftoff. You can view it here. I'm quite pleased with myself for not ripping hair from my head or attempting any violence towards my computer. Another thing I've learned is that a good client makes things run ten times smoother. This client was awesome. Very cooperative and easy going. We had lunch in a cafe last week and went over some things that I had worked on. We also made some printing orders and here we are a week later with a brand new logo, business cards, invitation cards, and entire website.

I'm extremely thankful for a good start.

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