Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google decor

When I'm feeling as though I need to be motivated or inspired, I almost always click the Stumble! button on my Firefox browser. (For those of you who haven't heard of StumbleUpon, it's wonderful... check it out!) Today I've been stumbling a little bit, but for some reason the Google logo ran through my mind. So I went to Google, to see if there was anything they were celebrating with their beautiful illustrations today. Sure enough, the illustration for today depicts the Adventures of Asterix, a series of French comic books, and today happens to be their birthday. This was slightly inspiring and fun to look at, but only for a moment. I wanted to look at more Google illustrations. So naturally, I Googled them. I started looking at all the latest illustrations from the past few months and enjoyed it very much. For those of you who like illustration, they are very good inspiration. I couldn't help but wonder how much an illustrator or designer makes for one of them. I'll have to Google it.I've added a few that took my eye. I tend to like any with an oriental theme, or prominent organic brushstrokes. Anyone else have favourites?