Monday, December 14, 2009


Tis the season and I've been gift wrapping! I thought I'd share my handmade gift tags. They're cute and add a nice personal touch to the gifts. I've only made some for my parents so far, but I will be making more soon. Havvapeek!

They're very simple, and not made carefully at all (I'm too spastic to do something like that). I just cut out some tag-like shapes, tinted the paper with some Fluid Chalk by ColorBox, and then added the graphics and text with Staedtler pens. It was a fun project, and I love old looking stationery. I usually don't think twice about gift wrapping but this was actually enjoyable and put me even more in holiday spirit. :)

On a side note, what are some favourite Christmas traditions? I love watching Muppet's Christmas Carol every year. I haven't watched it yet, but I have been listening to a few songs from the soundtrack. I especially like It Feels Like Christmas.

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. And don't forget to slow down and get past the materialistic view society oh so wonderfully tends to shove in our faces every year. Christmas is way too cool to be labeled the way it is.