Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sketchbooks are my fave.

What inspires you? Is it one of the greatest artists in history? Is it nature? Is it just random people walking the streets around you? Inspiration is pretty cool. I'm inspired by so many different things, it's always difficult to put a label on what exactly does the trick. I used to have a stupid little motto or whatever you wish to call it that I was "easily inspired but poorly motivated". By this I mean that I can see or hear something and automatically want to do something artsy. But to make myself actually do this wasn't so automatic. One of my biggest inspirations is music. The variety of things I want to do while listening to a good song (of my crazy tastes) ranges anywhere from organizing the house all the way to writing my own song. If there's music playing while I'm drawing, I often draw better. I'm inspired by a huge number of other things as well. I'm only going to mention my two big inspirations in this post, because rambling is boring to read and pictures are fun to see! So these two big inspirations include music as I already said, and sketchbooks. If I could sit with a pile of sketchbooks from artists of all over (new artists, old artists, doesn't matter) I would be just beside myself with joy! :) I love the realness of them. I love that they're full of art that they actually wanted to do, not just some commission job. Something they did while sitting on the bus or in the coffee shop, while listening to their favourite song. Lots of doodles, maybe a few photographs paperclipped inside, notes jotted down along the sides, music lyrics, or full out beautiful pieces of art. It's all awesome and soooo inspiring!

I came across these displays of sketchbook passion on Smashing Magazine a few weeks ago and immediately got my own book out and started doodling. Take a look at some of the examples. They're so much fun!! :)

I love the last one! It makes me want to put flowers in my sketchbook. (real flowers, hah)

So as you now know, I love sketchbooks, and you'll perfectly understand the nature of my website which is finally up and running! :)
Check it. www.beedeon.com

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